When it come to proper U-line Refrigeration Repair and Service San Francisco, it vital that we hire only the most qualified and experienced professionals. Our technicians are all certified and train in U-line Refrigeration. At Delta High End Appliance Repair we know how to satisfy our customers with top notch U-line Refrigeration.

We are factory authorizedĀ repair center for U-line Refrigeration Products

ulinedrawerWe specialize in serving and repairing the following:

  • Wine Cellars
  • Drink Cabinets
  • Clear Ice Machines
  • Solid Door Refrigerators
  • Drawer Models
  • Freezers
  • Marine Series

Causes which affect the internal temperatures of
the cabinet include:

  • Temperature setting.
  • Ambient temperature where installed.
  • Installation in direct sunlight or near a heat source.
  • The number of door openings and the time the door is open.
  • The time the internal light is illuminated. (This mainly affects product on the top rack or shelf.)
  • Obstruction of front grille or condenser

Service is needed if any of the follows has been occurring

  • Evaporator: Refrigerant flowing through an evaporator may sound like boiling liquid.
  • Condenser Fan: Air moving through a condenser may be heard.
  • Automatic Defrost Drain Pan: Water may be heard dripping or running into the drain pan when the unit is in the defrost cycle.

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