Delta High End Appliance is a your local authorized LG Refrigerator Repair and Service Center.

Is water leaking from the LG refrigerator? Ice Maker does not work. The freezer is not cold enough. All products are spoiled. These are signs of a compressor problem. After a day, the refrigerator completely stops freezing, and the temperature rises above 80-85 F. All the fans, lights, water dispenser and display are working properly.

What is the problem? The compressor is broken and needs to be replaced. The compressor is the main element of a sealed system. It creates the excess pressure of freon, which is necessary for the normal operation of the system.

Overheating is the main cause of compressor failure in the refrigerator. Incorrect installation, poor ventilation of the rear of the refrigerator or a dust-clogged cooling system all make it necessary to replace the compressor in the refrigerator.

Our technicians will do it quickly and efficiently. Compressor replacement takes an hour and a half. First of all, the technician will inspect the refrigerator to exclude other defects. Then they will repair the sealed system:

  • Check the pressure in the sealed system (make sure that the sealed system is not leaking);
  • Remove old freon;
  • Disconnect the compressor and filter-dryer from the refrigerator;
  • Install a new compressor and filter-dryer in a sealed system (special solder is required for installation);
  • Air removal by the vacuum pump;
  • Freon filling by weight.

Compressor replacement is a technically very complex operation that can only be trusted with very experienced professionals. Our company is an authorized LG service center in San Francisco Bay Areaand we have experience in solving this problem.

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